2023 Vincentian Legacy Campaign

Ever since our Conference was founded in 1978, we have been blessed by a host of dedicated and hard-working servant leaders who started new projects and continued our great tradition of serving those living in poverty with love, care, and respect.

In the past year, two of those dedicated leaders who served as Conference President passed from this life to be with the Lord. We dedicate this campaign to the memory of Jim DeShirley and Randy Fairbanks.

All donations to our efforts will keep families stably housed and fed in our area.

You can donate now – check, cash, or online

The Mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is centered on serving our neighbors in need on a person-to-person basis.  We provide a wide variety of assistance to alleviate human suffering, and we strive to bring about social justice by addressing the root causes of poverty.

Our 2022 Annual Report demonstrates what we do every day to help those in need.

In 2022, the St. Vincent de Paul Conference at St. John the Evangelist provided over $125,000 in direct assistance to our neighbors in need who live in our community.  About 60% of that went toward rent payments to keep 143 families in their homes, 10% provided utility assistance, 10% was set aside for emergency hotel rooms for homeless families, another 10% covered various other kinds of assistance, and, since most of the food we distribute is donated or purchased through Clark County Food Bank, only 4% of our budget was able to feed over 1800 hungry families.

Please consider supporting our mission and honoring our past Vincentians.

Here’s how to help with a donation – check, cash, or online.

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