No 2021 Yard Sale – What Next?

Our largest source of income for many years has been the St. John Parish Yard Sale in August, put on by the Adult Activities Group and scores of faithful, hard-working parishioners.  Due to the pandemic, that fundraiser could not be held in 2020 or in 2021. This has created a substantial hole in our budget for the past two years.

Thankfully, many donors have stepped up their support during the pandemic and enabled us to keep helping those in need. This year, again we need to find a way to replace at least some of that lost Yard Sale income. 

We are placing our trust in the Lord and our wonderful donors that the Southwest Washington Community Foundation’s 24-hour online giving extravaganza Give More 24! could help fill the gap.   More on this coming soon. To keep up with all the latest, click HERE to join our mailing list.

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